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Jiangsu Taixin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional piling enterprise focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of small and medium-sized piling machinery, a member of the pile branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, a national high-tech enterprise, and has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and Jiangsu Province private science and technology enterprise certification, and passed the national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology assessment in 2021. It has become the third batch of state-level specialized and new "little giant" enterprises in China, and is committed to building a comprehensive piling service enterprise "based on China and facing the world".
Taixin Machinery has obtained more than 60 core patents, and the whole series of products have passed the EU CE certification, including the whole transport small rotary drilling rig, Carter chassis series medium-sized rotary drilling rig, modular rotary drilling rig, full hydraulic pile cutter and other pile machinery products. KR series small and medium-sized rotary drilling rig and KP series full hydraulic pile cutter of Taixin brand have become the leading professional piling brand in China, and have been rated as the top ten brands of piling products users' attention by China Road Machinery Network for seven consecutive years. In 2019, it was named the top 50 professional manufacturers of construction machinery by China Construction Machinery Industry Association.
Taixing is the chief editor of China's industry standard "hydraulic pile cutter". The KP series pile cutter products have met the requirements of high-volume and low-cost pile head removal, and changed the history of the domestic pile cutter field by manual and without special equipment. The pile cutting product has obtained a number of core patents (1 invention patent), and has been exported to more than 50 countries in the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Southeast Asia.
Ten years of focus on the research and development of piling products, Taixin has a more complete series of small and medium-sized rotary drilling RIGS and multi-functional series products in the industry, as well as industry-leading low headroom series products. TYSIM products are suitable for various civil construction and subway, elevated and other urbanization construction projects, with its high reliability and superior performance has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers, and has been exported to Australia, the United States, Qatar, Zambia, Southeast Asia and other more than 30 countries, making "TYSIM" become an "internationally renowned" Chinese pile brand. Since 2019, the power construction drilling rig series developed in cooperation with the State Grid has been recommended by the State Grid Group Corporation, and has successively won the procurement contracts of more than 20 provincial power transmission and transformation companies, which has promoted the new reform of the construction of China's power grid construction infrastructure. Taixin focuses on the popularization of construction methods and product customization of small rotary drilling RIGS, and will become the preferred construction equipment for China's "new urbanization" and national grid power infrastructure construction.



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