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1. Before starting his business, Mr. Xin, through research on benchmarking international benchmark brands, knew that there are well-known Bauer and Geotech large drilling rig manufacturing companies in the international market, as well as small drilling rig international manufacturing companies such as tescar and mait. However, there is no professional small drilling rig brand in such a large market in China, which is a blank market. China has better international cities, but there are also a large number of relatively backward villages and towns, so there is huge potential for rural construction. When a major earthquake occurred, tens of thousands of people were killed and injured in China, but a few people were killed and injured in the Chilean earthquake. One of the important reasons is that the houses in rural areas and small places in China are not piled, the foundations are not strong, and the earthquake resistance level is not enough. Therefore, there will be market space in China to create one to three rotary drilling brands that focus on minicomputers. The general manager is positioned to focus on the research and development and manufacturing of small and medium rotary drilling drills, and is committed to developing into a domestic professional brand. As the country develops in an all-round way, the country will definitely regulate the construction of villages and towns in accordance with high standards, and the newly established Rural Revitalization Bureau is committed to promoting the construction of small rural infrastructure and housing. TYSIM smallest model KR40/KR50 and the equipment business of converting excavators into rotary drilling drills have been recognized by customers at home and abroad and have potential.


       2. Keeping the integrity and bringing forth new ideas, the accumulation of Tyson in the past ten years (two years in Ping-Han) has laid a good technical foundation and product case foundation for us, which is also the foundation of Tyson's future development. The foundation of the TYSIM Building is deep enough and it is still being consolidated. This foundation can support the fifty-story TYSIM Building, but the TYSIM Building currently seen from the outside is only a three-story small building. 2021 ushered in three good opportunities: one is to customize several special small rotary drilling rigs for the State Grid to help the State Grid realize full-scale mechanical excavation and change the high-risk manual excavation operations that have endured 30 years. The second is to deepen the cooperation with Carter Chassis, and launch the competitive fully electronically controlled KR50C small rotary drill and medium-sized rotary drill KR300C. The price advantage of the former will have infinite potential in overseas markets, and the latter will be able to compete with Sanyhe. Domestic big names such as Xugong are facing the competition. The third is an agreement with Betterground, a well-known brand in the German industry, to OEM production of vibroflotation equipment for Caterpillar chassis in China.


       3. TYSIM planning and positioning have been very clear. What is needed now is to build the whole building and the superstructure, brick by brick, layer by layer according to the plan drawn by the management.


       4. The four modernizations of TYSIM mainly highlight the four core advantages of TYSIM in the industry. We are integrated into the ecological circle of the rotary digging industry, and the industry needs the existence of a company like TYSIM to meet market demand. TYSIM is able to develop products that large companies do not have time or interest in, but small companies do not do well. TYSIM four modernizations: miniaturization, customization, comprehensiveness, and internationalization.


       5. TYSIM core team are all people in the industry, and they joined TYSIM for the purpose of having the opportunity to display their talents. What everyone has in common is: they have common goals, are all professional, have complementary abilities, and have entrepreneurship and passion.


       6. TYSIM multi-faceted business model and the Lu Yinghui alliance expansion model have been polished for five years. This organizational mindset and platform thinking is a relatively complete business model in the industry with relatively strong competitiveness and almost impossible to replicate. Making full use of the available resources and adding value to them, this business model does not require a large investment, but it has great business potential. It reflects the platform thinking and flow thinking very well.


       7. TYSIM can achieve such results within 10 years, which is inseparable from the personal vision and decision-making power of the founder of TYSIM. Xin Peng is a relatively young boss in the pile industry. He is the lighter middle-grade general manager of the top ten domestic rotary drilling rig companies, with a higher degree of education, and a member of the rotary drilling rig industry for a long time (2007-2021). He is also a piling expert of the National Standards Committee. For many years, Xin Peng has inspected the global rotary drilling market through participating in international exhibitions (except for major countries in Africa), Xin Peng has very good market control and perception capabilities, because Xin Peng is a director. Long, decision-making can move forward quickly and quickly seize many opportunities. Remarks: Mr. Xin is still a person who can ride two hundred kilometers a day around Taihu Lake (in addition to having a vision, the entrepreneur's physical strength and endurance are also very important).


       8. In the past ten years, dozens of rotary digging brands have disappeared, closed down, or changed businesses. Among the top ten brands, only TYSIM is the new brand, and its influence is increasing year by year (other Yuchai, Lonking, and Jinan Yayi's volume is too small, has no influence, is not in the line of sight of the industry, and its future is uncertain).


       9. Long-term goals. With the development of TYSIM, there are two goals for internationalization:
       (1) One is to establish an online and offline sales channel for the international market to sell Lu Yinghui’s complete machines, second mobile phones and accessories and rental services, so that customers can find the International Department of TYSIM to solve problems in one stop (online The following are offices in Dubai, Singapore, Uz, and the Philippines, with permanent staff to serve local customers. Peter from Thailand is one of the best cases. He trusts TYSIM recommendations for everything he buys in China, and he entrusts TYSIM to buy on his behalf. ).
       (2) The second is to acquire an Italian brand, use their brand and existing agent network to expand advanced products, and use China's low-cost advantages to help it reduce costs and increase profits.
Opportunity: Several major brands of small rotary digging in Italy sell dozens to 100 units every year. The high price has affected the market promotion, which is more than 30% more expensive than the same products of TYSIM. But the sophistication of its product design and the accumulation of multi-functional product research and development can help TYSIM improve its product competitiveness.
       In summary, the results prove everything. TYSIM started its business in the international market. Its past development history has proved its strong vitality. In the future, it will continue to develop at the same speed and become an indispensable and indispensable professional force in the industry.

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