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Huishan District standing Committee Meng Dong led a team to visit TYSIM


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Huishan District standing Committee Meng Dong led a team to visit TYSIM

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Huishan District standing Committee Meng Dong led a team to visit TYSIM

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-29 15:32
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On February 25, Meng Dong, member of the Standing Committee of Huishan District Committee, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of The Economic Development Zone and director of the management Committee led a team to visit TYSIM.TYSIM Chairman Xin Peng, marketing center deputy general manager Xiao Hua 'an, manufacturing Center deputy general manager Peng Xiuming, research and development center deputy general manager Xiang Zhensong accompanied the exchange.

Accompanied by the TYSIM management team, the leaders from the district government visited the manufacturing workshop and watched a demonstration of the rotary drilling rig operation. Chairman XinPeng introduced the development history of TYSIM and the application prospect of small & medium-sized rotary drilling rigs to the visiting leaders. Chairman XinPeng also emphasized the 4 core advantages developed by TYSIM, being: Compaction, Customization, Versatility, and Internationalization. TYSIM has developed a number of new customized products to fill the gap screated by the demand from within the industry. One example is the customized product series for the State Grid, which solved the “foundational construction problems of having to rely on human excavation”--a construction problem suffered by the State Grid when constructing the power lines project and greatly improved the safety and construction efficiency of the foundation construction for transmission and transformation line, which contributed to our country’s “full mechanization” construction initiative in electric power grid construction.Mr. Meng affirmed that TYSIM has always focused on the development and design of small and medium-sized drilling rig, stood out in the industry with superb technology and construction methods, and created the "hidden champion" of small rotary drilling rig market, which is the leading product and the most critical development strategy of the enterprise. In addition, the district Party Committee and the district government will continue to do a good job in the service and guarantee work, as always, as a strong backing of enterprises, to do a good job in the relevant supporting services. TYSIM is encouraged to continue to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, seize development opportunities, and constantly improve the level of enterprise development and competitiveness. Hoped TYSIM will not forget its original aspiration, uphold the core concept of " value creation focus" and continue to move forward with the spirit of ingenuity, and become a first-class domestic and internationally well-known small and medium-sized professional rotary drilling brand.

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