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Teammates working in high temperature


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Teammates working in high temperature

(Summary description)

Teammates working in high temperature

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2022-09-09 13:38
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  A day of TYSIM teammates in the Western regions

During August, the heat wave in Uzbekistan was like fire.  Since July 5th, the entire Uzbekistan country has been in daily high temperature exceeding 43 °C. This high temperature lasted till late August.  Under the scorching sun, most of people choose to hide in air-conditioned rooms. However, there are also many outdoor workers who still have to sweat in the sweltering heat, fighting against the scorching sun, and focusing on their jobs silently.

  The Samarkand Hengyuan Cement Plant project has now entered the stage of civil excavation and equipment foundation capping construction. The progress of the project is in full swing. Our company fully carries forward the concept of focus, service and value, to undertake the design and improvement stage of the project and the task of foundation piles improving so as to lay a solid foundation to improve the functionalization of the entire factory area.

  7 o'clock in the morning is no longer a cool time in the sweltering summer. In order to avoid the high temperature of the next day, TYSIM people at the construction site chose to set off early. After arriving at the construction site, they started the green TYSIM rotary drilling rig to began the intensive drilling operation. The mud pool on the site also set up neat warning signs according to the owner's requirements. Everyone was dressed neatly and in high spirits.

  Before the proper operation, the project manager Zhu Donghua conducted crucial and necessary briefing, reiterate the specific safety precautions and the operation risk to the team, urging and checking the attire of the operators to meet the safety requirements and to remind the operators to strictly abide by the safety operation rules to ensure civilized construction. After the operator has repeatedly completed the actions to lift the Kelly bar to dump the soil, then lowering the Kelly bar again, Mr Zhang ErQing, the person in charge of the next process will complete the next process to lower the steel cage and   pouring of the concrete. Through out the entire process of foundation construction, they meticulously measured and placed the embedding the guard cylinder, through to assessed the elevation of the pile top and bottom, treated their work with the same care as if they are doing it on to themselves. They will inspect, check for problems and provide solution on the spot.  These may appear to be easy task but they can must be done perfectly.  


In order to complete the daily target of 55 piles set by the company, after completing the outdoor work tasks during the day, they will continue to set up lights at night and work overtime until the task of the day is successfully completed.

  This is an ordinary day for TYSIM people, an ordinary job position, but a day of hard work to be done. The busy workers shuttling on the construction site every day are like bright lights, illuminating the land of the Western Regions.  At the construction site where cars come and go, facing the scorching sun, people from TYSIM sprinkle their sweat on every corner of the HengYuan Cement Plant, and complete every pile foundation with the fullest mental state and the most accurate technology with sweat and loyalty to write the hymns of TYSIM.

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