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Condensation, pressure and endeavour TYHEN 2022 half-year business summary meeting held smoothly


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Condensation, pressure and endeavour TYHEN 2022 half-year business summary meeting held smoothly

(Summary description)

Condensation, pressure and endeavour TYHEN 2022 half-year business summary meeting held smoothly

(Summary description)

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  On July 23, 2022, Wuxi Tyhen Foundation Construction Co., LTD. 2022 half-year operation summary meeting was held smoothly. Representatives of all departments of Tyhen Foundation and leaders of TYSIM headquarters exchanged work at the meeting. Chairman Xin Peng and General Manager Ye AnPing each delivered an important speech.

  The theme of this meeting is "Concentrating the heart and power, pressing forward", which focuses on summarizing the past, clarifying business indicators and ideas, and formulating goals and directions. The meeting was held by video connection. Members of all departments of Tyhen participated in the meeting offline, and members of the engineering department in Uzi also participated in the meeting online. In addition, the meeting connected with leaders of Tysim, the headquarters. At the meeting, representatives from all departments of Tyhen took the stage to share and report the work results of the first half year and the work plan of the second half year through PPT data analysis. They discussed the business situation and follow-up countermeasures of the first half year together.

  During the meeting,Ye AnPing general manager of TYHEN gave a comprehensive updated about the team management; business management; and focus strategy of Tyhen. He pointed out that Tyhen should always stick to the goal to establish one core; two main lines; three management systems; and the ever fine-tuning eight core competitiveness. Tyhen will focus on promoting low headroom drilling rig, promoting medium size rotary drilling rig built on CAT chassis, while actively expanding international business so as to emerge stronger in the second half of the year, reverse the declining trend and complete the annual plan by relying on a more efficient management system; more effective brand management; and more active international business. In addition, General Manager Ye AnPing affirmed the work of all department members of Tyhen Foundation in the first half of the year, and gave corresponding suggestions, encouraging Tyhen team to concentrate their heart and force, forge ahead under pressure, and bravely achieve great achievements.


Tyhen foundation general manager Ye Anping spoke



Tysim machinery chairman operation consultant Yang Zhengrong


  Tysim Machinery vice chairman Pan Junji

The meeting ended successfully, Chairman Xin Peng made a summary speech, he said: With the full efforts of all the members and the help of the industry professionals, putting service as the core of our business,developing the strategic strengths as the carrier to establish four big marketing centers, to build four big fortress to strengthen Tyhen on the basis of eight core competitiveness. The aim is to nature Tyhen to be an outstanding player contributing to the development of the pile industry as a whole.

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