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TYHEN KR125A Rotary drilling rig works for SuZhou infrastructure construction


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TYHEN KR125A Rotary drilling rig works for SuZhou infrastructure construction

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TYHEN KR125A Rotary drilling rig works for SuZhou infrastructure construction

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2022-09-09 13:43
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  Recently, TYHEN KR125A small rotary drilling rig worked in Suzhou, and was constructing in the surrounding environment improving project of XiaoBuLi, YaLuLi, JinTing town. The condition of this project is that the foundation is sinking. The upper layer is cement-soil mixing and reinforcement and back filling mixed with stones and clay, and the lower layer is a soft foundation with soil layer. TYHEN small rotary drilling rig immediately began to carry out emergency construction after arriving at the site, and did a good job of drilling the foundation. It is about 5 meters for the penetration surface hard layer of the static pile driver to ensure the normal operation of the static pile driver. The construction efficiency of about 50 piles was achieved after working for 10 hours a day. It has successfully completed the construction rescue tasks. It has reduced the construction cost and shortened the construction period for the customer, which has won unanimous praise from the customer.

  TYSIM KR125A weighs about 35 tons, with a construction range of 400~1500mm diameter and a construction height of 15 meters, it can reach a depth of 43 meters. It can be transported with its mast without the need of dismantling and assembling. KR125A is also designed with an automatic mast folding function, which can effectively reduce the transportation height, and thereby reducing the disassembly and assembly time during transportation. Furthermore, the imported gearbox and engine enables KR125A to have exceptional climbing performance. At the same time, the power head torque of 125 KN.m can also fully cope with most geological conditions such as pebbles and gravels. Selected original American Cummins engine with strong power, combined with the electronic control system and hydraulic system of TYSIM core technology, can give full play to its working ability, the whole series of products have passed the national standard GB certification and European CE certification, better dynamic and static stability design , to ensure construction safety;

  TYHEN considers “service” as its core value and utilizes such attitude to provide clients with an “Eight in One” service in terms of selling, leasing, construction, trade-in, re-manufacturing, service, operator supply & training, and consulting & promotion of drilling methods. The company has a rental fleet of over 80 small and medium sized piling rigs, and it has formed partnerships with 12 companies known as APIE. With the maintenance service and delivery service of piling rig provided by dozens pilling manufacturer, TYSIM has established a joint maintenance base that comprising a technical and professional maintenance team with years of experience in machinery servicing to provide clients with professional construction advice and methodologies. After six years of experience, commitment, cooperating with customers and taking part in independent construction works, our small rotary drilling rigs had participated in relatively modern constructions such as dam-reinforcement, underground pipe gallery, and over-water construction, which ultimately contributed towards the domestic promotion of the utilization of small rotary rigs. TYHEN intends to manage a rental fleet of over hundreds rotary drilling rigs and will be committed to develop an industry-leading service platform on a global scale.

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