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TYHEN low headroom KR300ES worked for GuangZhou Metro construction


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TYHEN low headroom KR300ES worked for GuangZhou Metro construction

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TYHEN low headroom KR300ES worked for GuangZhou Metro construction

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2022-09-09 13:46
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  Under the scorching sun and during the scorching summer, TYHEN low headroom KR300ES rotary drilling rig Participated in the construction of the second phase of GuangZhou Metro Line 14.

  The second phase of GuangZhou Metro Line 14 is one of the routes under construction by GuangZhou Metro, which belongs to Guangzhou Urban Rail Transit system. The line starts from JiaHe WangGang Station of the first phase of the project and ends at GuangZhou Railway Station. The total length of the line is 11.9 kilometers, all underground, with a total of 8 stations. The line uses 6 sections B-type carriage with a maximum running speed of 120 km/h.

  The project has strict requirements on construction height. The height of the construction equipment is required to be no more than 12 meters, and the pile diameter of the construction site ranges from 1000mm and 1400mm with a pile depth of 31 meters. The geological conditions are complex. The construction height of TYSIM KR300ES low headroom rotary drilling rig is 11 meters, with a maximum drilling diameter of 2000mm.  It is equipped with 300KN.m large torque power head, and the appropriate proportion of mud is deployed to protect the wall, so as to solve the problem of hole wall collapse, and improve the construction efficiency of rock entry with powerful power. It perfectly solves the problems encountered when constructing in small space, requiring large pile diameter, deep depth, hard rock to drill etc. The fast construction efficiency lead to high return for customer winning may praises from the staff of the construction site.

  TYHEN considers “service” as its core value and utilizes such attitude to provide clients with an “Eight in One” service in terms of selling, leasing, construction, trade-in, re-manufacturing, service, operator supply & training, and consulting & promotion of drilling methods. The company has a rental fleet of over 80 small and medium sized piling rigs, and it has formed partnerships with 12 companies known as APIE.  With the maintenance service and delivery service of piling rig provided by dozens pilling manufacturer, TYSIM has established a joint maintenance base with a technical and professional maintenance team with years of experience in machinery servicing to provide clients with professional construction advice and methodologies.  After six years of experience, commitment, cooperating with customers and many independent construction works, our small rotary rigs had participated in relatively modern constructions such as dam-reinforcement, underground pipe gallery, and over-water construction, which ultimately contributed towards the domestic promotion of the utilization of small rotary rigs. TYHEN intends to manage a rental fleet of over hundreds rotary rigs and will be committed to developing an industry-leading service platform on a global scale.

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