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Tysim 2022 Half year Work Summary and Management Seminar was successfully held


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Tysim 2022 Half year Work Summary and Management Seminar was successfully held

(Summary description)

Tysim 2022 Half year Work Summary and Management Seminar was successfully held

(Summary description)

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   From 30th to 31st July, in order to fully implement the 2022 annual operation and management objectives, TYSIM held the 2022 half year work summary meeting in YiXing, WuXi. The meeting summarized the work of the first half of 2022, comprehensively reviewed the achievements and shortcomings in production, operation and management encountered during the first half of the year, deeply analyzed the development situation to unfold the existing problems and shortcomings, and discussed and deployed the work priorities and initiatives for the second half of the year to plan the future development scientifically. During the meeting, the vice president of the company and managers of each department made a summary report on the work in the first half of the year, and Xin Peng, the founder of the company, made a summary speech on the overall work.

  During the two-day meeting, in view of the complex and changing current domestic and international economic environment, the head of each department gave an in-depth analysis and review of the actual work completed against the target set for the year. Starting from showing the data, they summarized the highlights and shortcomings encountered during the first half of 2022 and put forward specific improvement measures. Moreover, they also put forward their plan to be implemented to ensure the completion of the target set for the second half. The team has actively participated in the meeting by giving positive comments and recommendations of the various departments in terms of total sales done during the first half, collection of sales revenue, operating costs and manufacturing efficiency, team building and business management process as well as the business objectives and work priorities to be achieved during the second half of 2022.

  At the end of the meeting, Xin Peng, the founder of Tysim, summarized the overall work and made an important speech. He pointed out that in the past half, amid the repeated epidemic managing measures, coupled with the market downturn and fierce competition, the overall situation is grim. However, given the hard work of the operations center, Tysim has achieved noteworthy results. At the same time, the Finance team also deserved recognition for doing a lot of works to straighten the historic business data in preparation of the future IPO of Tysim. He encouraged the team to continue strengthening in project management, refining the support management system, improving the process system, building confidence so as to achieve steady growth. In addition, he also stressed the key works to be done during the second half of the year. First of all, to solidify the basic management work to optimize the business and operation process, and to continue promoting human efficiency to provide strong support for the advancement of Tysim key works. Secondly, to strengthen team management, by setting benchmarks to build a pioneering cohesive team. Finally, he hoped that everyone would unify their thoughts and actions, work hard, perform their duties seriously and rise to the challenge, and give full play to the core advantages established by the four directions of Compaction, Customization, Versatility, and Internationalization to ensure the achievement of the business target in 2022. In the second half of the year, Tysim will further unify ideas, working as a team, rise to the challenge and strive to achieve the improvement and enhancement of business performance and management level with firm determination, reform determination, strong initiatives and pragmatic actions, and continue to strive and forge ahead on the road to build a domestic first-class, internationally renowned professional brand of small and medium-sized rotary drilling rig.

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