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Tysim KR300ES low headroom drilling rig worked for LiuAn high-speed railway construction project


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Tysim KR300ES low headroom drilling rig worked for LiuAn high-speed railway construction project

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Tysim KR300ES low headroom drilling rig worked for LiuAn high-speed railway construction project

(Summary description)

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Taixin Machinery KR300ES low headroom drilling rig to help the construction of Lu 'an high-speed railway project

Recently, Taixin machinery KR300ES low headroom entered an important part of the Yangtze River Delta - Anhui, to participate in the construction of Anhui Lu 'an Hurong Line 142 pier reinforcement project.
The project is adjacent to the operating high-speed railway line, and the height of construction equipment is required to be no more than 12 meters, the pile diameter is 800mm, and the hole depth is 27m. Site construction stratigraphic geology mainly for backfill soil layer, silt layer, powder, the weathered red sandstone, partially HongSha rock strength of 65 mpa, need drill has the capability of strong power and into the rock, hole collapse risk existing in the construction process at the same time, once the collapse hole will cause land subsidence, directly affect the operating high-speed railway, construction difficulty is great! The professional construction team of Taiheng Foundation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taixin Machinery, gave professional measures according to the site situation. First, it used full rotary equipment to lower the protective cylinder for 15 meters, and then it used Taixin machinery to construct KR300ES with a height of 11 meters and a low headroom to dig the soil. Finally, it hit the hardest moderately weathered red gauze with its strong rock-entering ability. The height of the full rotary equipment is 2.5 meters, the height of the Taishin KR300ES drill bucket with low headroom is about 2 meters, and the construction platform of Taishin KR300ES is about 1 meter high on site, which solves the problem of the coordination between the drill and the full rotary height. Taiheng FOUNDATION, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TAIXIN MACHINERY, in line with professional, timely and thoughtful service, customer-centered, with the support of low headroom of KR300ES, relying on professional business quality and advanced construction technology, completed the construction tasks for customers with high efficiency and quality.

If product is the life of an enterprise, then technological innovation is the soul of a product. According TO THE DIFFERENT NEEDS OF CUSTOMERS, TAIXIN MACHINERY HAS DEVELOPED SPECIFIC TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS FOR THE construction conditions in buildings and large tunnels, Bridges and high-voltage lines. The construction height of KR300ES low headroom rotary drilling rig is 11 meters, the maximum drilling depth is 35m, the maximum drilling diameter is 2m, the maximum output torque is 320kN.m, and the whole machine weight is 76 tons. It can complete the construction of large caliber rock entering under the condition of considering the low construction height and the ultra-deep construction depth. The EQUIPMENT IS EQUIPPED WITH THE ORIGINAL American CUMMINS ENGINE WITH STRONG power and high reliability, the original imported parts such as REXROTH and BONFEili, and THE electronic control system and hydraulic system of the core technology of Tai Xin, so as to give full play to its working ability. The whole SERIES OF TAIXIN machinery products have passed GB certification and EU CE certification, better dynamic and static stability design, to ensure the safety of construction. At present, the customized KR300ES with low headroom has passed the test of the market since it was put into use in the market. At the same time, it has participated in many projects such as Wuhan Metro Line 11 in Hubei, Shenzhen Guangming City high-speed railway, Shenzhen Tiegang Shiyan Reservoir and so on. It has been recognized and praised by customers, which is a milestone for Taixin. While gaining the support and trust, attention and applause from our customers, Taixin Machinery will not forget its original intention, continue to forge ahead with the spirit of ingenuity, and actively forge ahead on the road of the enterprise goal of "being a trustworthy piling expert and making industry-leading excellent products"!

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