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TYHEN Foundation assisted in the Construction of ChiBi Education’s Infrastructure


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TYHEN Foundation assisted in the Construction of ChiBi Education’s Infrastructure

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TYHEN Foundation assisted in the Construction of ChiBi Education’s Infrastructure

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2022-12-07 10:03
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Recently, TYHEN Foundation’s KR300E was stationed in ChiBi City (the ancient battlefield of ChiBi in the Three Kingdoms), The construction was carried out for the expansion project of Chibi Vocational Education Group. TYHEN foundation’s construction team completed the construction task with high efficiency. In addition, the extraordinary construction technique and method (i.e. the appropriate mixture of mud) won unanimous praise from the site management personnel, the general contractor and the owner of the project.

ChiBi Vocational Education Group’s expansion project is located on Development Avenue, ChiBi City. The project covers a land area of 89,452.5 square meters and a total construction area of 126,252.91 square meters, which includes:

A 5-story tall School building that covers 7208 square meters.

A 15-story experimental training building that covers an area of 35,900 square meters, part of the building is 9-story tall.

A two-block 11-story student dormitory that covers 23,800 square meters, each block covers 11,900 square meters.

A two-block 3-story canteen that covers 5,200 square meters, each block covers 1600 square meters.

A 12-story auxiliary teaching and administrative space that covers 8347.48 square meters.

A 3- story library building that covers an area of 3,500 square meters, part of the building is 2 story tall

A Gym that covers 5100 square meters

A Teacher apartment that covers 1680 square meters

◆ A auxiliary room that covers 9650 square meters

A 15-story vocational skills training center that covers 25,867.43 square meters, part of the building is 11 story tall.

TYHEN considers “service” as its core value, and utilizes such attitude to provide clients with an “Eight in One” service in terms of selling, leasing, construction, trade-in, re-manufacturing, service, operator supply & training, and consulting & promotion of drilling methods. Our construction team has participated in foreign projects (Uzbekistan etc.) and domestic construction projects (ZhangZhou nuclear power plant, electrical transmission tower foundation, WeiYan G-serise high speed railway). Our small rotary rigs had participated in relatively modern constructions such as dam-reinforcement, underground pipe gallery, and over-water construction, which ultimately contributed towards the domestic promotion of the utilization of small rotary rigs. TYHEN will carefully manage over hundreds of rotary rigs, and will be committed to develop an industry-leading service platform on a global scale.

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