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2022 Bauma in Germany┃TYSIM joined hands with APIE to attend exhibition


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2022 Bauma in Germany┃TYSIM joined hands with APIE to attend exhibition

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2022 Bauma in Germany┃TYSIM joined hands with APIE to attend exhibition

(Summary description)

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From 24th Oct to 30th Oct, the three-yearly global construction machinery industry event-- Bauma 2022 in Germany successfully concluded in Munich. Construction machinery companies from all over the world gathered here to jointly present a high-end, intelligent, advanced heavy equipment feast. Tysim joined hands with APIE to participate in the exhibition to show the charm of China's "smart" manufacturing on the world stage. The two booths were crowded with visitors. Conversations in various languages woven the recognition of Tysim and China's "smart" manufacturing strength from customers arriving from all over the world.

TYSIM's booth is crowded with people, orders are pouring in

Based on more than ten years of in-depth experience in the field of small and medium-sized piling equipment, TYSIM has developed a more complete series of small and medium-sized rotary drilling rigs, multi-functional product series, and industry-leading low headroom product series products. Offering specialized equipment for engineering, civil, construction and power projects, enriching the product spectrum of TYSIM in overseas markets, and meeting the diverse construction needs of the global users.

On the one hand, TYSIM maintains the iterative update of technology and construction methods, on the other hand, Tysim maintains in-depth cooperation with CAT.  Leveraging on the advantages of CAT chassis, TYSIM launched CAT-chassis series multi-functional small and medium-sized rotary drilling rigs, pulling machines and low headroom rotary drilling rigs, to  provide for customers with efficient construction equipment.

With the arrival of customers from all over the world, Tysim booth was endless flow of customers to understand the many international and domestic track records of industrial and civil construction cases presented by Tysim. Some customers took photos to record their favorite models. There were constant conversations and praises on the spot, and orders for TYSIM came in droves.

TYSIM strives to build an international piling industry cooperation platform

APIE participated in the exhibition together with TYSIM.  APIE is jointly established by many well-known enterprises of China Piling Machinery Industry to be a comprehensive service platform for the piling machinery industry in China and around the world.  APIE has obtained dealership authorization from a number of prestige brands in domestic piling machinery industry in the segmented field. The products cover the rotary drilling rigs, multi-shafts drilling rigs, diaphragm wall grab, vibroflot, mud desander, vibro hammer etc and accessories. APIE provides online and offline international business services for domestic and foreign enterprises. It is committed to building a bridge of exchange and cooperation between Chinese piling industry and the international industry.

At the exhibition, APIEs booth was also favored by customers from all over the world.  Many customers stopped to consult and learn about the products promoted by APIE, and proposed a variety of cooperation ideas, which provided more possibilities for the cooperation between APIE and the world's peers. It also built a better platform for TYSIM and Chinese piling brands to deepen and expand the global market.

Mr Xin Peng (Chairman of Tysim) said that the scale of the Bauma exhibition in Germany has grown every time, and the product categories involved are also richer and more refined. Such an international exhibition not only shows case the world the strength of China's "smart" manufacturing, but also let us appreciate the innovative charm of the world's leading brands. Today, the internationalization process of our country's construction machinery enterprises is moving towards a higher level. The Bauma exhibition in Germany is not only a watch-tower to understand the development of the world's construction machinery industry, but also a stage to witness the take-off of Chinese enterprises in the international market.  In the future, TYSIM will firmly grasp the trend of the industry, benchmark the global high-end construction machinery brands, strive for excellence in product design and manufacturing, and join hands with APIE to gather the innovative strength of China's construction machinery and create the bright future of the industry together!

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