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APIE International (APIE) successfully settled in Wuxi (Qianhai) cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park


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APIE International (APIE) successfully settled in Wuxi (Qianhai) cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park

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APIE International (APIE) successfully settled in Wuxi (Qianhai) cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2022-12-07 10:44
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    Yesterday, Wuxi (Qianhai) cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park officially opened. Li Yaping, deputy Secretary general of Wuxi Municipal People's Government, Cheng Song, acting district director of Huishan District People's Government, Yu Jie, Deputy district Director, Zhao Qiang, Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Jiang Bo, Director of the District Bureau of Commerce Chen Haibin, Huishan related departments, towns (streets), as well as guests from enterprises and business associations attended the opening ceremony. APIE Piling Equipment (China) LIMITED was invited to participate in the cooperation project and signed a contract with another 4 local enterprises in the park and 3 overseas warehouses.

    APIE PILING EQUIPMENT (CHINA) LIMITED (APIE) was jointly established by many well-known enterprises in of China Piling Machinery Industry to be a comprehensive service platform for the piling machinery industry based in China and around the world. The company has obtained authorization from a number of prestige brands in domestic piling machinery industry in the segmented field. The products cover the rotary drilling rigs, multi-shafts drilling rigs, diaphragm wall grab, vibroflot, mud desander, vibro hammer etc and accessories. We provide international business services for domestic and foreign enterprises, is committed to building a bridge of exchange and cooperation between Chinese piling industry and the international industry.


Alliance of Piling Industry Elites of China (APIE) was founded in Wuxi in December 2016. APIE was founded through gathering leading enterprises in segmentation products of pile works industry as a result of responding to encouragement and inspiration from “Fusion Shared and Unified Development” put forward by leaders such as Huang Zhiming and Guo Chuanxin etc. of Branch Association of pile Works under China Construction Machinery Association. The member units are leading manufacturing enterprises in various subdivisions of the piling industry. They integrate various sales force and market channel resources, and join forces to promote the market. They are collaborative organizations for sharing cooperation, learning and exchange. At present, the number of member units of Luying Association of Piling Industry has increased to 12, providing a variety of solutions for piling industry products for the same customer group. Up to now, there have been a number of successful cross-marketing cases. APIE International (APIE) is the entity operating company of APIE Piling Industry Association, aiming to further promote the brand awareness in the industry and focus on the global construction machinery industry market. At the same time, all member units adhere to the joint purpose of "sharing consensus and common development", enhance the cross-marketing relationship among all members, and further expand the win-win cooperation influence. Promote the commonwealth of interconnection, integration, new value!

Cross-border e-commerce is an important channel to expand the opening to the outside world and expand the global market. In the future, APIE will consolidate the resource advantages of cross-border e-commerce industrial park, actively integrate the dual resources of "online and offline", promote the establishment of "dual-line" marketing promotion channels, and help TYSIM and APIE Association member enterprises to work together to provide more comprehensive services for global customers. To build a leading professional piling service platform enterprise at home and abroad.

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