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The main leaders of the district government visited the National Specialized Innovative “Little Giant”Enterprises ---- TYSIM


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The main leaders of the district government visited the National Specialized Innovative “Little Giant”Enterprises ---- TYSIM

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The main leaders of the district government visited the National Specialized Innovative “Little Giant”Enterprises ---- TYSIM

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  • Time of issue:2022-12-29 11:47
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Today, Chief Cheng Song, Deputy Secretary Shi WenJian and Deputy Chief Yu Jie of HuiShan District People's Government of WuXi City led a team to inspect and visit the National Specialized Innovative “Little Giant” Enterprises -------Tysim.
Major principals of the District Government Office, the District Development and Reform Commission, the Science and Technology Bureau, the Industry and Information Technology Bureau, the Financial Supervision Bureau, the Economic Development and Management Committee, and the Street Office accompanied the inspection. Ye AnPing, general manager of Tyhen Foundation and other deputy general managers of Tysim accompanied the exchange.

The leaders of the district government visited Tysim production line

Leaders of District government listen to business needs

Accompanied by the main management team of Tysim, the visiting leaders visited the manufacturing workshop of Tysim and watched the demonstration of drilling rig construction method. Ye AnPing, general manager of Tyhen Foundation, introduced to the visiting leaders the development history of Tysim and the prospect and application of small and medium sized rotary drilling rig, and emphatically introduced the rig series customized for the State Grid, which solved the construction problem of "depending on human excavation for foundation construction of the power grid line for a long time", and greatly improved the safety and construction efficiency of the foundation construction of the power transmission line. It has made a contribution to the "complete mechanization" construction of Chinese electric power construction, and also introduces the new customized products which fill many gaps in the development of Tysim.

Cheng Song district mayor said:”the National Specialized Innovative “Little Giant”enterprise selection is to carry out the important directive spirit of “cultivating a group of specialized Innovative small and medium-sized enterprises and improve technology innovation ability of small and medium-sized enterprises outlined by General Secretary Xi JinPing. The purpose of the state to promote specialized Innovative policies is to support individual champions like Tysim, who are in a niche market and is still quietly working on continuous innovation and continuous development.  HuiShan District Party Committee and District government will, as always, be the firm backing of the enterprise, providing policy support for the introduction of key projects, providing industrial support and related supporting services for scientific and technological talents. This will encourage Tysim to continue to strengthen its scientific and technological innovation, to seize development opportunities and to constantly improving the level of enterprise development and competitiveness so as to be true to the title of being a "hidden champion" in the small rotary drilling market. They hope that Tysim will not forget its original intention and to adhere to the core concept of "Value,Creation, Focus", continue to forge ahead with the spirit of ingenuity, and strive to forge ahead actively on the road of building a "domestic first-class and internationally famous" small and medium-sized rotary drilling professional brand!

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