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Tysim participated in the 2022 Construction Machinery Exhibition in Manila, Philippines


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Tysim participated in the 2022 Construction Machinery Exhibition in Manila, Philippines

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Tysim participated in the 2022 Construction Machinery Exhibition in Manila, Philippines

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From 3rd to 6th November 2022, Tysim was invited to participate in the 2022 Manila Construction Machinery Exhibition Autumn Philconstruct (PHILCONSTRUCT)so as to display and publicize the products and technologies of the enterprise, and strive for more products to enter the Philippines and Southeast Asia market. At the same time, the after-sale service of Tysim has been well received by local agents and users.

Southeast Asia has a long history of international construction machinery exhibition

It is reported that the (PHILCONSTRUCT) is one of the professional exhibitions with scale and influence in the construction, building materials and construction machinery industry of the Philippines. It is the international construction machinery exhibition with a long history in Southeast Asia, and also the most influential international construction machinery exhibition in Southeast Asia. It has been held for 31 years. It is the best platform for enterprises to understand the Philippine market. The exhibits mainly cover construction machinery, mining machinery and related spare parts.

It is worth mentioning that China-Philippines trade and economy have developed rapidly since 2019. Building materials and mechanical and electrical products account for more than 50 percent of China's exports to the Philippines. With a per capita GDP of $1,600, the Philippines has the most purchasing power among the ten ASEAN countries. Therefore, China has participated in the exhibition group for many times, and the well-known domestic brands of construction machinery and building materials machinery have appeared in turn, which shows the strong manufacturing style of China in the field of construction machinery. Tysim, as the benchmark brand in the field of small and medium-sized piling products, naturally will not miss this exhibition.

The leading brand of small and medium-sized piling rig is becoming world class

At the exhibition site, Tysim agent in the Philippine introduced the development history and popular models of Tysim to the exhibitors. Tysim focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of small and medium-sized piling rigs. Since 2016, the company has become the top ten brands published by the industry association for five consecutive years, with the biggest market share in small rotary drilling rig in the domestic market. A number of products have filled a number of gaps in the industry. It has been awarded as a National high-tech enterprise and the National Specialized Innovative “Little Giant” Enterprises with an output value of over 200 million yuan in 2021.

Tysim launched a number of revolutionary products such as modular rotary drilling rig, a full series of pile breakers, and high-end CAT chassis small rotary drilling rig. It not only fills the gaps of our pile industry, but also creates strong attention of customers at the exhibition site. Among them, high-end CAT chassis small rotary drilling rig has become a hot model for customers to focus and consider. This model has better dynamic and static stability design, higher efficiency, more energy saving advantages, to result in higher construction value for customers.

In 2021, the total overseas sales revenue of Tysim has increased to 50% of total sales. Tysim has exported to more than 50 countries such as Australia, the United States, Qatar, Zambia and Southeast Asia. It has become an "internationally renowned" Chinese piling brand. The Philippines is one of the overseas markets that Tysim attaches great importance to.  It is one of the important directions and strategies for Tysim to develop in the Philippines to meet the needs of the Philippine customers and to provide satisfactory solutions for them. In the future, Tysim will continue to give full play to the enterprise's R&D to create more high-end advantages in the product upgrade and market coverage. The intention is to export more "made in China" products globally so as to be committed to provide efficient and intelligent construction machinery products for the global users, to highlight the strength and advantages of Chinese construction machinery, and to contribute a strong driving force for the world's engineering construction.

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