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No drive, no future┃A fruitful Celebration to mark the 9th anniversary of TYSIM


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No drive, no future┃A fruitful Celebration to mark the 9th anniversary of TYSIM

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No drive, no future┃A fruitful Celebration to mark the 9th anniversary of TYSIM

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  • Time of issue:2022-12-29 13:55
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In this beautiful season of cool autumn wind, Tysim ushered in the ninth birthday. At the same time, the KR60E international customized small rotary drilling rig rolled off the production line. In the afternoon of October 29th, the celebration with the theme of "No drive, no future" was held in WuXi production floor. All the friends of Tysim gathered together. Xin Peng, chairman of Tysim, and Phua Fong Kiat, Vice chairman of Tysim, who participated in the 2022 Bauma Show in Munich of Germany, participated in the celebration through live video link.

After nine years of hard work, we have achieved fruitful results.  At the beginning of the activity, everyone watched the nine-year growth review video of Tysim. Nine years of trials and hardships witnessed the growth of Tysim, nine years of golden years witnessed the footprints of Tysim's hard work, pioneering and innovative. It is with everyone's hard work and wholehearted support that enabled Tysim to grow strong with sustainable development.

The nine-year-old Tysim has a richer product range. At the event site, the new international customized model KR60E was also released. Based on the original KR60A model, the new model was optimized and upgraded. The track of the drilling rig can extend to have a width of 3.5m to meet the stable and safety construction requirements. The machine weight is 21 tons, the maximum drilling depth is 20m, the maximum drilling diameter is 1.2m, and the maximum output torque is 60kN.m. At activity site, Tysim executive deputy general manager Xiang ZhenSong gave a detailed introduction about the new products. Later, Peng XiuMing, general manager of Tysim Manufacturing Center, and Ye AnPing, general manager of Tyhen Foundation made a speech. To lay a solid foundation for the international market development, Tysim is confident to achieve more breakthroughs to realize the aim for Tysim brand name to be "domestically first-class and internationally famous". 

Mr. Xin Peng, chairman of Tysim, delivered a speech by video link from the site of Bauma Show in Germany.  Mr Xin thanked all partners and leaders who have given support and help TYSIM during the growth process.  He emphasizes that the achievements belong to the past and the company should focus on the future.  At the same time, he made clear once again that TYSIM's four modernization strategies of "Compaction, Customization, Versatility, and Internationalization ", and confirmed that the core advantages are born from the sustainable development of these four strategies.  

At the end of the activity, the whole audience sang Happy birthday song together to light the birthday candle for Tysim. With the best wishes of all partners, the 9th anniversary celebration of Tysim and the completion ceremony of KR60E international customized model came to a successful end!

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