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TYHEN KR285CS low headroom in a pier reinforcement project


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TYHEN KR285CS low headroom in a pier reinforcement project

(Summary description)

TYHEN KR285CS low headroom in a pier reinforcement project

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2022-12-29 14:55
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Recently, TYHEN low headroom drilling rig KR285CS has worked in a construction of a bridge pier foundation reinforcement project. This project is constructed under the bridge, with a height limit of 13.5 meters and a narrow construction site. The hole diameter on site is 1200mm, and the drilling depth is about 31m, the bridge site is located in the low mountain and hilly area on the western edge of NanYang Basin, with a gentle ridge on the west side and a steep low mountain gully on the east side. The geological conditions are mainly backfilled soil, silty clay, and moderately weathered and slightly weathered red sandstone. With the full support of TYHEN construction method experts and the judgment ability of the operator, the task was completed perfectly, which won unanimous praise from the project owner. 

Since TYHEN low headroom full hydraulic rotary drilling rig was put into use in the market, it has been recognized and praised by customers and won the trust and support of customers. At present, TYHEN's low headroom full-hydraulic rotary drilling rig has been used on HuBi WuHan Metro Line 11, ShenZhen GuangMing City High-speed Railway, ShenZhen TieGang ShiYan Reservoir, JiangXi-ShenZhen High-speed Railway ShenZhen GuangMingCheng Station Junction, ShenZhen Metro DaYunCheng Subway Station, FuJian BeiJing Taiwan High Speed Rail QuanZhou High-speed Railway Station, ShenZhen LongGang Subway Station, GuangDong ShanTou High-speed Railway Station, JiangXi LuShan Railway Station, GuangXi LiuZhou Liu Factory Building Expansion Project, China Communications ShenZhen BaoAn District Rain and Sewage Diversion Pipe Gallery Project, ShenZhen Metro NanShan QianJin Road Hub Project. In GuiYang it has been put into use in many major projects such as the Riverside Theater Project. TYHEN will not forget the original intention, will continue to forge ahead actively and adhering to the core concept of "value service focus" !

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