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Tysim customized multi-functional drilling rig KR300M was exported to Europe and won praise from customers in Turkey


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Tysim customized multi-functional drilling rig KR300M was exported to Europe and won praise from customers in Turkey

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Tysim customized multi-functional drilling rig KR300M was exported to Europe and won praise from customers in Turkey

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2023-03-09 15:13
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  "Focus on localization and characteristics of the Turkish market, and continue to carry out the adaptive R&D of Tysim customized series products will be the anchor points for the continuous breakthrough at Turkish market and even the entire European market." Said Mr. Xiang ZhenSong, head of Tysim R&D Department. Since 2016, Tysim has not only focused on the R&D of equipment for local market, but also the construction characteristics of Turkey and Europe at the same time. After continuously promoting the development and production of customized models, Tysim successfully launched a multi-functional customized product KR300M rotary drilling rig and exported to Turkey recently.

Starting from Turkey, Tysim has made a successful entry into the European market

  Way back on July 5, 2016, a KR90C rotary drilling rig customized for a Turkish customer departed from the production base of Tysim in WuXi symbolizing the official opening of the European market, the most professional market for piling equipment. The efforts on building an international and renowned brand have achieved another major breakthrough, indicating that the high-end small rotary drilling rig KR90C with Caterpillar chassis carefully developed by Tysim will be launched into the international market. KR90C will become another hit product following model KR50A, KR90A, KR125A and other small and medium-sized rotary drilling rigs which have entered the international market. Tysim also will become a new benchmark for Chinese piling equipment’s entry into the European market.

Customer-Oriented. Customized products test the strength of R&D.

  As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of engineering construction machinery, power grid equipment and accessories, Tysim always focuses on the R&D of small and medium-sized piling machinery. Relying on superb technology and construction methods, Tysim products are widely acclaimed in the industry. Tysim also has strong advantages in management, technology, talents, and marketing, it has developed its own product characteristics. At the same time, Tysim has obtained a total of 17 application model patents and 1 software copyright patent in the recent two years, and won a large number of scientific and technological awards in other technical fields on municipal level and above. Since the establishment of the company, Tysim has obtained more than 60 invention and application  model patents. These have laid a solid technological foundation for the R&D of customized products in the European market.

Tysim KR300M multi-functional rotary drilling rig is a specially customized model for the European market.

  Through a large number of intensive market research and technical practice, and with full understanding of the strict standards in Turkey for product certification, technology and appearance, Tysim finally launched the multi-functional rotary drilling rig KR300M that can also perform CFA construction method. As a specially customized model of Tysim for the European market, the KR300M rotary drilling rig adopts a high-end Caterpillar special chassis and its unified tough appearance design is more in line with European aesthetic standards. The optimization of the gravity center brings higher stability, the modular design of each winch makes multi-functional switching more convenient, and the winch with large lifting force and pressurization in the whole stroke can meet the requirements of full-casing construction in the European construction method.

It is known that KR300M multi-function rotary drilling rig has a maximum drilling diameter of 2.5m, a maximum drilling depth of 83m, a maximum output torque of 360kN.m, a total machine height of 24.8m, and a total machine weight of 91t under the rotary drilling construction method, which means it can be widely used in railway and highway tunnels, bridges, and construction projects. In addition, the maximum drilling diameter is 1m and the maximum drilling depth is 23m when KR300M is under the CFA construction method, so it can meet the different construction requirements of customers and improve the construction efficiency.

KR300M also comes with many advantageous features such as full electric control system, less frequent maintenance, operation friendly, longer service life of winch and wire rope, effective output torque of 360kN.m, strong rock-entry capacity and full-stroke pressurized winch design, large pressure force to meeting the requirements of full casing lifting construction.


  Tysim KR300M multi-functional rotary drilling rig has just been successfully delivered to customer, it not only meets the European technical standards, but also carries the technologies and advantages that can fully meet the needs of the local construction, that is why it is favorable and popular in Turkey. Of course, the export of KR300M multi-functional rotary drilling rig to Turkey is just a part of Tysim’s discovery in the European market. In the future, Tysim will continue to adhere to its advantages in innovation and R&D, and produce more suitable equipment for the European market. Finally, Tysim will be a shining star in the European market to fully showcase the power of "intelligent manufacturing of China”.

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