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Refinement and Integration, March toward internationalization. The Annual Meeting of Alliance of Piling Industry Elites (APIE) for 2022 successfully held


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Refinement and Integration, March toward internationalization. The Annual Meeting of Alliance of Piling Industry Elites (APIE) for 2022 successfully held

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Refinement and Integration, March toward internationalization. The Annual Meeting of Alliance of Piling Industry Elites (APIE) for 2022 successfully held

(Summary description)

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In order to conclude the work done in 2022, to clarify the goals on mutual development and to execute the plan implementation for 2023, from January 13th to 15th, 2023, the annual meeting for 2022 with a theme of “Refinement and Integration, March toward internationalization.

—Building an International Piling Engineering Service Platform" was held in LiYang, ChangZhou. This is also the sixth year anniversary of the establishment and development of APIE.

This three-day meeting was held both online and offline. The participants were: the consultant of APIE, heads of friendly units of piling industry, domestic and foreign agencies and partners, and other related leaders and experts from related parties.

APIE: "Integrate to share and develop together"

APIE was established by a number of leading manufacturing companies in various subdivisions of the piling industry. In order to integrate the sales force and market channel resources of various companies, and jointly develop the market, it is a collaborative organization aimed at sharing, cooperating, learning and exchange. Also in response to the call made by two industry leaders namely Huang ZhiMing and Guo ZhuanXin to integrate to share and develop together, both are Secretary general of the Association of China Piling Machinery Industry, the APIE was also established by gathering leading companies in the various product segments of the piling industry, to provide multiple solutions for piling products for the same customer group.

In the past six years, APIE has been showered with endless care from leaders at all levels and all aspects from the industry. With love and care, APIE has developed and grown rapidly. All members in APIE worked together to provide the same customer group with a variety of solutions for piling products. Up to now, there have been many successful cases in cross-marketing. Therefore, this annual meeting is not only a review and summary, but also full of opportunities for cooperation.

Participants: "Review the past and plan for the future"

This meeting started with a review of work done by APIE during the past six years, and members were invited to exchange and discuss three-year planning from 2023 to 2025. In the subsequent open topic discussion, the participants had heated discussions on the following issues, such as the development cycle of the construction machinery industry, the way to break through the industry's downturn and internal-unwise-competition, suggestions for the development of APIE members, international promotion of the piling industry, discussion on possible cooperation directions between counterparts and APIE, international exhibitions and development of international partners. Every member of APIE contributed its ideas and suggestions actively. Among them, Mr. Di LuoChen, chairman of Shanghai Vostosun Industrial Co., Ltd., attend the meeting on line from Uzbekistan, shared his practical experience gained in the process of the internationalization as reference points and reflection for all the participants.

Regarding the future development, the meeting has a discussion on the follow-up three-year development plan and the proposed arrangement for activities and events in 2023. Aiming at the development and cooperation of the participating companies, the conference specially set up a cooperation project discussion session. In order to have great prospects for development in 2023, each participant proposed two or three intended cooperation projects in the next three years, which will offer opportunities in cross-development and win-win cooperation for every member company.

The successful conclusion of this annual meeting has defined the direction for APIE's development in 2023. At the same time, the discussion of more international development topics have also underscored the main theme of this annual meeting of: “Refinement and Integration, March toward internationalization. Building an International Piling Engineering Service Platform". It is no doubt that under the promotion of this meeting, the participants will continue to maintain cross-marketing ties, further expand the influence of win-win cooperation, jointly move towards internationalization, and achieve higher sales value for APIE.

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