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Acting Together, Creating the Future┃Tysim annual meeting ended successfully


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Acting Together, Creating the Future┃Tysim annual meeting ended successfully

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Acting Together, Creating the Future┃Tysim annual meeting ended successfully

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2023-03-10 11:32
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On the afternoon of January 15th, 2023 the welcome meeting of Tysim with the theme of "Acting Together, Creating the Future" was successfully held.  Some employees of Tysim and APIE participated in the event online. During the meeting, awards such as "Excellent Employee", "Excellent Newcomer", "Excellent Team" and others were also presented during the meeting.

After the leaders and all the staff arrived at the scene, the host announced that the official start of Tysim 2023 New Year Meeting. First of all, Mr. Xin Peng, chairman of Tysim, delivered a New Year speech in the warm applause of everyone, reviewing the gratifying achievements in the past, expressing expectations and confidence in the future development, and extend New Year wishes to all employees. Afterwards, Mr. Ye AnPing, general manager of Tyhen Foundation, Mr. Peng XiuMing, deputy general manager of the manufacturing center, and Xin Peng, chairman of Tysim, respectively announced the outcome of the four "excellent employees", three "excellent newcomers" and one "excellent team". After the awards were presented, the winners and the representatives of the award-winning teams respectively delivered their acceptance speeches, determined to make greater contributions to the future development of Tysim, and expressed their determination to make persistent efforts for the development of the company.

At the same time, a variety of interactive games such as talent show performances and lucky draw of red packets were also held. The entire annual meeting was full of laughterpassion and strength. During the period, all the directors were delighted and expressed their strongest confidence and best wishes for the bright future of Tysim, which pushed the atmosphere to a climax.

The entire annual meeting ended successfully in a harmonious atmosphere. Due to our dedication in the past year, we show the brightest smiles at the end of the year. Looking back at 2022, we have gone through many glorious years. Looking forward to 2023, all members who are as close as a family will continue to unite closely and create bright future under the leadership of the chairman.


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