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TYSIM fully electronic controlled CAT base rotary drilling rig KR220C worked for HuBei infrastructure construction


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TYSIM fully electronic controlled CAT base rotary drilling rig KR220C worked for HuBei infrastructure construction

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TYSIM fully electronic controlled CAT base rotary drilling rig KR220C worked for HuBei infrastructure construction

(Summary description)

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Recently, 2 sets of TYSIM fully electronic controlled CAT base rotary drilling rig KR220C were mobilized to DanJiangKou City, ShiYan to work for the construction project of HuaHai GongGong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which has an annual output of 370 tons of steroid series API production. 

It was reported that the site geological conditions of the project were complex, mainly backfill soil and strongly weathered limestone. There are two types of piles with diameters of 0.6m and 0.8m, and hole depths ranging from 11m to 20m. The stratum is complex and the construction is difficult. A single Tysim KR220C drilled more than 300 meters in ten hours and successfully completed the hole-forming task. While overcoming various complex terrains, the drilling rig was also stable, reliable, and fuel-efficient. Therefore, the customer was very satisfied with the overall construction progress and performance of the drilling rig.

TYSIM high-end customized KR220C rotary drilling rig is fully electronic controlled. This type of drilling rig uses Caterpillar special electronic controlled chassis. The electronic control upgrade is necessary to realize the remote control function. It can realize the remote control operation of the rotary drilling rig within the distance of 100 meters. After the careful study of TYSIM mechanical research team in recent years, the team has successfully realized the comprehensive upgrade of KR220C technology.  This is a solid step forward to realize unmanned driving of the rotary drilling rig. The cab adopts internal pressurization technology to refuse dust entry, an dthe air suspension seat increases the operator's comfort.

The engine starts with one button, and adopts the advanced Acert series electronic injection diesel engine, adopts the combustion emission reduction technology (ACERT), and meets the European III environmental protection emission standard.

The hydraulic main pump adopts an independent electronically controlled main pump to realize advanced engine/hydraulic power management and improve operating performance and fuel efficiency and the serial dual main pump design eliminates the gear loss of the previous parallel design.

The integrated electro-hydraulic control valve of the hydraulic main valve eliminate the control of the pilot oil circuit, which significantly reduces the chance of leakage and the parasitic load on the main pump, and reduces the loss along the way of the oil pipe joint and the oil pipe under the cab.

The electronic smart fan saves 3% fuel, each fan is controlled independently, working according to the temperature of the oil, added with the reverse function, to clan the radiator;

15% saving on maintenance cost. The maintenance cycle is extended, the amount of hydraulic oil is reduced, the pilot hydraulic oil filter is no longer needed.  the shell drain filter is replaced by a magnetic filter, and the new air filter has a stronger ability to hold dust. Excellent common parts strategy.

The power head has two options of standard mode and powerful rock entry mode to increase the construction efficiency of the drilling rig.

Technical parameters of KR220C fully electric control rotary drilling rig:

 TYSIM is a professional pile engineering enterprise focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of small and medium-sized piling engineering machinery. It is a national high-tech enterprise and has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and Jiangsu private technology enterprise certification. Tysim is one of the third batch of professional specialized  new "little giant" enterprises in China. At present, TYSIM has obtained more than 50 core patents. The whole series of products have passed the EU CE certification and exported to more than 50 countries.  Tysim produces small and medium-sized rotary drilling rigs built on Chinese Chassis and CAT Chassis; fully hydraulic pile cutters; and other pile machinery products. The KR series small and medium-sized rotary drilling rigs and KP series full-hydraulic pile breaker of the TYSIM brand have become the leading professional piling brands in China, and have been rated as the top ten brands of piling products by China Road Machinery Network for six consecutive years. In 2019, it was rated as one of the top 50 professional manufacturers of construction machinery by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association.


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