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Phua Fong Kiat, Vice Chairman of TYSIM, visited the Turkish market


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Phua Fong Kiat, Vice Chairman of TYSIM, visited the Turkish market

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Phua Fong Kiat, Vice Chairman of TYSIM, visited the Turkish market

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TYSIM has an excellent reputation in the domestic small and medium-sized rotary drilling rig market. With its profound technology and experience accumulation, TYSIM not only takes root in the domestic market, but also continues to leverage on overseas markets with high quality products to constantly promotes the internationalization of the brand.

TYSIM exported a KR90C rotary drilling rig to Turkey

Way back on 5th July 2016, the KR90C customized for a Turkish customer departed from the production base of Tysim in WuXi to official opening of the European market where piling rigs are the most professional. The efforts of Tysim to carefully develop and create an internationally renowned brand have achieved another major breakthrough as evidenced by the delivery of the high-end small rotary drilling rig KR90C built on Caterpillar chassis. Introducing this KR90C to the international market is a natural development following the overseas sales of KR50A, KR90A, KR125A and other small and medium-sized rotary drilling rig models. Another blockbuster product after the rotary drilling rig entered the international market. Tysim has also created a new milestone for Chinese piling manufacturing industry to enter the European market.



Phua Fong Kiat, Vice Chairman of Tysim, paid a return visit to the Turkish market

The KR90C rotary drilling rig exported to Turkey is TYSIM’s customized model built on  Caterpillar chassis. The mature CAT excavator technology has ensured a high-end small rotary drilling rig for the international market. It is also one of a products included in Caterpillar’s global key cooperation projects.

The export of KR90C to Turkey signaled that Tysim has successfully opened the door to the European market. This is a remarkable step in the internationalization process of Tysim and a very meaningful period in the history of brand development. Recently, Phua Fong Kiat, Vice Chairman of Tysim, paid a return visit to the Turkish market to better understand the needs of the market so as to continuously adjust and improve our product and service quality to enhance customer satisfaction and confidence.

The Turkish customer said that the performance of the KR90C rotary drilling rig is extremely good, and the equipment construction is stable and efficient, which is a strong guarantee for the steady progress of the construction process. At the same time, the after-sales service team of Tysim is also very professional. When encountering technical difficulties, the technical consultants of Tysim can participate in the discussion in a timely and efficient manner, and to provide solutions throughout the customer's  construction project. In an evaluating statement, the happy Turkish customer said concisely: "The quality of Tysim is trust worthy!"

It is understood that the CAT chassis of the small rotary drilling rig KR90C developed by Tysim comes with CAT’s global warranty service. The higher reliability of the model has won praises from many customers and has been successfully exported to Australia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Tysim KR90C shines in African infrastructure

After the Tysim KR125A rotary drilling rig entered Zambia, the Tysim KR90C rotary drilling rig is the second model to enter into another Africa country - Zimbabwe, and participated in the construction of Zimbabwe's Harare Airport project.

The project is located at Harare Airport, Zimbabwe. The construction strata are mainly soil, sand and strong weathered rock. The drilling depth is 10m, and the drilling time is about 30 minutes. Since the project is located in an underdeveloped area, the demand for quality and after-sales service of the rig is also high. KR90C rotary drilling rig fully meets the needs of  the customers. In actual construction, its stable performance and efficient construction capabilities have won praise from customers.

Tysim KR90C rotary drilling rig is built on CAT chassis to ensure design with higher safety standard. It has passed EU CE certification. With an output torque of 90kN.m, a maximum drilling diameter of 1200mm reaching a drilling depth of 36m. The weight of the whole machine is 28t, and it can be transported in one single load. During the construction process of this project, the flexible control and ultra-high hole forming efficiency has effectively guaranteed the progress of the project.

After ten years of dedication, Tysim, as a leading professional piling brand in China, has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers and industries for its high reliability and excellent performance, and has promoted the upgrading of domestic and foreign industrial and civil construction pile foundation construction equipment. With the continuous advancement of the pace of globalization, Tysim will continue to adhere to the core concept of Value, Creation, and Focus, maintain its own technological advantages, and contribute to the sustainable and healthy development of the rotary drilling rig industry and also the global market. As Tysim develops customers around the world will witness the power of Chinese "smart" manufacturing.

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