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Professional, Prompt, Considerate┃ Spring 2023 Centralized training for after-sales service engineers


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Professional, Prompt, Considerate┃ Spring 2023 Centralized training for after-sales service engineers

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Professional, Prompt, Considerate┃ Spring 2023 Centralized training for after-sales service engineers

(Summary description)

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On February 17th, in order to endorse the service concept of professional, prompt and considerate, after-sales service engineers get together at Tysim’ s headquarter in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province from service offices around China to participate in the spring centralized training of 2023.

This training was elaborately organized and planned by the after-sales service department of Tysim, professional lecturers in the corporate culture and technology aspects were invited to give lectures, so that everyone can study for practical applications.

At the meeting prior to the training, Mr. Xiao Huaan, the general manager of the sales and marketing company of Tysim, highly praised the service team and expressed his heartfelt thanks to everyone. At the same time, he also asked everyone to set high demands and goals on : cherish every training and learning opportunity, learn with a mind of empty cup, arm oneself with professional knowledge and skills, and practice service concept of professional, timely and considerate with practical actions.

Mr. Hu Kai, deputy general manager of the manufacturing center, said that the company always provide full supports on service and accessories supply with the core concept of customer first and good faith first.

Mr. Peng Xiuming, deputy general manager of the quality center, delivered a speech, expressing deepest appreciation to everyone for their long-term hard work, separation from families, sleep and eat in the wilderness. Also Mr. Peng suggested that everyone should put forward more reasonable suggestions for product upgrade iterations.

Mr. Xin Peng, chairman of Tysim, gave important instructions on this training through video from abroad, and also gave the service team a highly evaluation and opinion: "the service team has made invaluable contributions in the development of Tysim". Mr. Xin called on everyone to study hard, think more, and upgrade self- capabilities to improve customers' experience of products and services with superb technology and enthusiasm.

At the same time, he also required everyone to carry out the marketing concept of "providing customers with high-performance products and diversified services" in daily working, provide satisfying maintenance to equipment and sufficient training lessons to operators, anticipate customer’s demands and exceed their expectations to create greater value for customers.

After the meeting, Ms. Ruan Jinlin, HR chief of Tysim, was first invited to conduct training on the company's culture and procedure, so that everyone will highly recognize Tysim and wish to grow up with the company after reviewing company's history, mission and values.

Mr. Zhou Hui, the electrical chief of the R&D Center, explained new functions and upgrading items of the electrical system, and answered questions related to electrical system encountered during working.

Mr. Sun Hongyu, Head of the R&D Center, provided on-site teaching instead of traditional teaching in classroom. He explained the adjustment and precautions of the torque and speed of the power head from the materials in the factory, he also answered each question about the oil leakage and about the seal and the oil can.

Mr. Zhai Haifei, the mechanical chief of the R&D Center, introduced several new customized products of Tysim to everyone, and taught everyone how to operate and maintain them correctly. At the same time, he also introduced the projects about functional upgrade of existing products, so that everyone can provide more comprehensive training to customers.

The after-sales service department of Tysim also invited Mr. Zhang Lin, the general manager of KaiQiShiDai (Wuxi) company, and his technical team to introduce the function and usage of the Internet system, which will lay the foundation for the service system upgrading in advance.

Mr. Duan Yi, director of the after-sales service, made a summary report on this training and the service in 2022, he made an arrangement for international services in 2023. In his summary report, Mr. Duan expressed his gratitude to everyone and their families. In 2023, there will be higher standards and more strict requirements for everyone in order to create value for customers with standardized and diversified services. At the same time, each one should maintain his moral integrity and earn economic benefits fairly and squarely.

At the end of training, in order to commend the advanced individual, set a benchmark, and improve the enthusiasm of employees, the "2022 Excellent Service Engineer and Service Support Award” was specially set up. The general manager of the sales and marketing company, Mr. Xiao Huaan presented awards and delivered speeches to the award-winners, he encouraged everyone to create value for customers in 2023 by adhering to the service concept of professional, prompt and considerate in order to realize the improvement of Tysim 2.0.

One must have good tools in order to do a good job. This training was fruitful and everyone had learned something for practical application. They will realize the service concept of "professional, prompt and considerate" with actions, and create greater value for partners in the piling industry with diversified services.

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