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Exciting constantly and extraordinary clout! APIE participated in the CONEXPO Exhibition


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Exciting constantly and extraordinary clout! APIE participated in the CONEXPO Exhibition

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Exciting constantly and extraordinary clout! APIE participated in the CONEXPO Exhibition

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2023-04-08 15:43
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The world's largest construction machinery event held every three years - the Las Vegas Construction Machinery Exhibition in the United States once again pays attention to the world. On the third day of the exhibition, the booth of APIE is still full of people, attracting large clients and small and medium-sized buyers from all over the world.

The strongest team attends together

Against the backdrop of the normalization of the epidemic and the continuous release of the effects of foreign trade stabilization policies, Xin Peng,Chairman of APIE, Phau Fong Kiat,(General Manager of APIE), Cao Gaojun,Shareholder Representative of APIE, have made great strides to “explore the market” to provide global customers with intelligent, sustainable , efficient sets of engineering equipment and solutions.

At the exhibition, China's construction machinery products have a complete category, attracting customers from many countries and regions around the world to visit the exhibition and negotiate. The joint booth of APIT and TYSIM is crowded with people, attracting customers from all over the world to negotiate and consult, and the scene atmosphere is perfect.Mr.Xin said: many customers visit the exhibition in the form of family groups;the Las Vegas exhibition is professional and entertaining;the collision and communication between the two inspires express that we have a value-added service whatever do any product or business ; we should  do a good job in products and services,and give customers more expectations; our development will continue to move forward. Mr.Cao said that the quality of the product itself is important, and it should be given to emotional communication with customers, and there is a surprise to customers based on business.

Empower customers to win the future

Hundreds of boats compete for the flow and thousands of sails compete, and the tide and wind can sail far.APIE has always been committed to providing a one-stop procurement platform and service guarantee for international customers. For the North American market, the level of urbanization and mechanization is high, and there is a large demand for micro-drilling rigs. The modular micro-drilling rigs represented by KR50 are favored by customers. The KR50 rotary drilling rig is light and flexible, with large drilling diameter, low transportation height, low working height, and fast transition transportation. The internal structure of the cab is ergonomically designed, with both functionality and comfort, and can adapt to general tunnels. It is fit for tunnel construction, new rural construction and site construction with limited space. At present, the R&D team has completed the transformation of more than 20 brands and more than 60 types of excavators. With modular design and parametric design technology, it has realized the general modification of excavators of different brands, giving customers more choices.

Products and services are at the heart of brand. In recent years, APIE has always centered on the core value concept of "professional, timely and considerate", actively explored the North American market, increased the construction of the local marketing service system, provided customers with reliable complete sets of construction machinery solutions, and cooperated with many local  well-known buyers.Due to the market share has increased year by year, the brand influence has continued to expand. APIE brand is being recognized by more and more international customers.



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