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Be a China-based company with a global outlook / Mr. Xin Peng (Chairman of APIE) and his team visited Africa


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Be a China-based company with a global outlook / Mr. Xin Peng (Chairman of APIE) and his team visited Africa

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Be a China-based company with a global outlook / Mr. Xin Peng (Chairman of APIE) and his team visited Africa

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In recent years, with the increase of infrastructure and construction projects in Africa, Chinese machinery has been playing an increasingly important role on the continent. A large number of Chinese machinery brands continue to expand into the African market, resulting in a high level of gathering and strong competition. Against this backdrop, Mr. Xin Peng, the Chairman of APIE Foundation Equipment (China) Limited, was invited by a customer to conduct a market research tour in Africa. He successively visited the Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Zambia, Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co, Ltd in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and the China General Chamber of Commerce in East Africa. This research tour helped APIE to select a new service base in order to provide more comprehensive and professional services to local customers.

Mr. Xin Peng visited China General Chamber of Commerce in South Africa.


In Mr. Xin Peng's view, the process of entering the African market involves three steps: the first step is to let products go abroad; the second step is to send staff overseas; and the third step is to let the company enter the global market. Product quality, after-sales service, marketing, and social responsibility are important tools for companies to establish a foothold in the African market.


APIE International has always placed great emphasis on improving the quality and adaptability of their engineering machinery equipment. In particular, for the KK330KV and CLC132 power transmission and transformation projects of Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co, Ltd in Zambia, which had geological conditions involving rock foundations and weathered soil that require high-performance drilling rigs, APIE's professional R&D team customized the design of drilling rig products based on local conditions and construction requirements, and delivered them in a timely manner to meet customer needs. The arrival of the KR125A drilling rig equipment accelerated the construction progress and received recognition from local contractors.

Mr. Xin Peng visited Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co, Ltd in Zambia

Following the entry of KR125A and other rotary drilling rigs into the Zambian market, various models of drilling rigs including the KR90C have been continuously entering African markets such as Zimbabwe and Kenya. These equipment have participated in the construction of the new Harare Airport in Zimbabwe. In addition, a KR300C with a Caterpillar chassis from Tysim (APIE’s parent company) has been delivered to Côte d'Ivoire. APIE has been providing customers with complete equipment solutions and has received widespread recognition in the African market.


In terms of marketing, APIE has been placing great emphasis on establishing its own after-sales service system for its core piling products since entering the African market. They promptly dispatch professional engineers to assist and guide project construction, provide training and technical support to construction workers with a professional and conscientious attitude, and efficiently answer any questions related to after-sales service to meet the customer's construction requirements. APIE plans to divide the network system into several key areas by establishing sales and after-sales service centers, gradually forming and perfecting the network system in the future.


Currently, the African market is in a stage of rapid development of foundation construction, which requires high-quality foundation piling equipment. APIE is dedicated to continuous development and cultivation, and with the core concepts of professionalism, timeliness, and thoughtfulness, they aim to build a comprehensive online and offline service platform for the piling industry that is "based in China and oriented towards the international market". APIE is committed to working with the people of Africa to build a better home with their expertise and quality equipment.

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