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Meeting A group of foreign students, A way to Promote Tysim International Brand Name


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Meeting A group of foreign students, A way to Promote Tysim International Brand Name

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Meeting A group of foreign students, A way to Promote Tysim International Brand Name

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2023-05-26 11:28
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On 7 May 2023, A small group of foreign students studying master in environmental engineering in Suzhou University of Science and Technology visited Tysim Head Quarter in Wuxi, JinagSu Province. These foreign students are civil servants of their countries coming to China for further studies on a two years government scholarships. The scholarships are offered by MOFCOM (Ministry of Commerce of the Peoples Republic of China) to cultivate long terms mutually benefiting relationships with friendly countries. The scholarships are then offered by the respective government departments of the friendly to selected civil servants.


The four visitors are:

Mr Malband Sabir from Iraq Geotechnical Engineering Department.

Mr Shwan Mala from Iraq Petroleum Engineering Department.

Both Mr Gaofenngwe Matsitla and Mr Olerato Modiga are from the Department of Waste Management and Pollution Control of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of BOTSWANA in Africa.   

The visitors took a group photo in front of a KR50A sold to 1st Piler company in New Zealand

A group photo in the meeting room.

The four foreign students have arrived in China since Nov 2022. This visit was arranged by a friend of Tysim, Mr Shao JiuSheng living in Suzhou. The purpose of their visit is not only to enrich their China experience during their two years stay in China but also to get to know more about the fast growing manufacturing industry of China. They are impressed with the excellent presentation jointly delivered by Mr Phua Fong Kiat, Vice Chairman of Tysim and Mr Jason Xiang Zhen Song, the Executive Deputy General Manager of Tysim.  

They are given a good understanding of the four business strategies of Tysim, namely Compaction, Customization, Versatility and Internationalization.  

Compaction: Tysim focuses in the niche market of small and medium sized rotary drilling rig to provide the foundation industry with rigs that can be transported in just one load to minimize setting up cost.

Customization: This enables Tysim to be flexible to meet the demand of the customers and to build up the capabilities of the technical team. The used of modular concepts results in unmatched production efficiency.  

VersatilityThis is to provide all round services needed by the foundation construction industry including Sales of new equipment, trade-in of used equipment, Rental of drilling rigs, Foundation construction project; Operator training, Repair Services; and labour supply.

Internationalization: Tysim has exported whole rigs and tools to more than 46 countries. Tysim is now building up a global sales network in an orderly way and to further develop the international marketing channels and international partners in the same four strategic areas.

The group now has better understanding of the applications of the rotary drilling rigs in housing projects, factory building projects, ground improvement projects, construction of bridge, Construction of Power GRID, flyover infrastructure, rural housing, fortification of river banks etc..

The visitors took a group photo in front of a unit of KR 50A at pre-delivery testing yard

On behalf of Tysim, Mr Phua would like to express a big thank you to Mr Shao for organizing this informal meeting for Tysim to promote its brand name in the international markets. Bringing Tysim a step closer to our vision to be the world leading brand of small and medium sized pilling equipment.

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