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"Integration and Sharing, Embracing Collective Development." APIE attended CTT-EXPO &CTT RUSSIA 2023


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"Integration and Sharing, Embracing Collective Development." APIE attended CTT-EXPO &CTT RUSSIA 2023

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"Integration and Sharing, Embracing Collective Development." APIE attended CTT-EXPO &CTT RUSSIA 2023

(Summary description)

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From May 23rd to 26th, 2023, the 2023 Russia International Building and Construction Machinery Exhibition (CTT) was grandly held at the Crocus International Exhibition Center in Moscow, Russia. Chinese pile machinery manufacturer, Alliance of Piling Industry Elites of China (APIE for short), showcased their star models with great strength at the exhibition. CTT is the largest international construction machinery exhibition in Russia, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. Since its inception in 1999, the exhibition has been held annually, and this year's event marks its 23rd successful edition.

APIEs booth was crowded with people

It is understood that Alliance of Piling Industry Elites of China (APIE for short), was established in Wuxi in December 2016. It is a domestic professional pile foundation company alliance initiated by six companies: Tysim, Zhejiang Zhenzhong, Duan'an Heavy Industry, Greenan Environmental Protection, Dafu Equipment, and Beijing Zhenchong. The alliance is dedicated to customer information sharing and joint market promotion.

APIE was established in response to the call and encouragement from leaders such as Mr. Huang Zhiming and Mr. Guo Chuanxin, the Secretary-General of the China Pile Machinery Industry Association, to "integration and sharing, embracing collective development" in the pile machinery industry. It brings together leading enterprises in various sub-sectors of the pile foundation industry. APIE's participation in the Russia International Construction Machinery Exhibition has achieved significant results and garnered extensive attention within the industry. The alliance exhibited collectively, showcasing a wide range of products from different categories, providing visitors with more options. Leading brands like Tysim, known for their mini rotary drilling rigs, have successfully communicated with potential clients on-site and secured orders.

Top power in the field of domestic pile engineering industry shined at the exhibition

The member companies of APIE has increased to 12 so far, and they respectively represent the leading level in the field of pile engineering: Tysim Piling Equipment Co., Ltd, Leading brand of small and medium sized piling equipment, Zhenzhong Piling Equipment Co., Ltd , 38 years of experience in Vibro hammer, Beijing Vibroflotation Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd, serve the vibroflotation business with excellent products, Xuzhou Greenan Environmental Equipment Co.,Ltd, professional manufacturer for mud and sewage disposal equipment, Beijing Tuff Equipment And Technology Co., Ltd, manufacturer of drilling tools for rotary drilling rigs (Drilling bucket, Kelly bar and Casing series) , Wuxi XinLiang Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd, manufacturer of drilling tools for rotary drilling rigs (drilling bucket) , Yanggu HaoQuan Rock Tools Co. Ltd, manufacturer of Drilling teeth, JiangXi Global Geotechnical Technology Co. Ltd, 20 years of experience in professional construction and Foundation machinery manufacturing, Wenzhou KingJiu Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd, one-stop service provider for complex geological solutions, Hunan Volga Piling Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd, leading manufacturer for rotary drilling rigs power head, Auger Torque China Co., Ltd, manufacturer for Excavator front-end attachments, Guangdong KEDA Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd, high-end plunger pump and hydraulic motor R&D manufacturing specialist. They almost cover most of the fields of pile engineering segmentation, and each company presents their flagship models to welcome customers from global world, striving to win customers' favor with high-quality, high-tech, intelligent, and low energy products.

It is worth mentioning that Russia is located in the northern part of the Eurasian, straddling the two continents of Europe and Asia, and has a superior geographical location. It is an important country along the "The Belt and Road". For companies that intend to open the Russian market and enter Eastern Europe, the 2023 Russian International Construction and Construction Machinery Exhibition (CTT) is a very good display platform. APIE members, as the top force in the domestic piling subdivision field, collective participated in the exhibition will help global customers better understand the latest technology and strength in the domestic piling field. While winning customer recognition and transactions, it can also shine on the world stage with the style of intelligent manufacturing in China”.

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