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TYSIM Urban Construction Small Rotary Drilling Rig and Photovoltaic Drilling Rig were shown at 2023 CICEE


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TYSIM Urban Construction Small Rotary Drilling Rig and Photovoltaic Drilling Rig were shown at 2023 CICEE

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TYSIM Urban Construction Small Rotary Drilling Rig and Photovoltaic Drilling Rig were shown at 2023 CICEE

(Summary description)

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On May 15th, the 3rd Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition with the theme 'High-end, Intelligent, and Green - New Generation Engineering Machinery' came to a successful conclusion. Over a period of four days, 1,502 global companies gathered in Changsha, showcasing more than 20,000 exhibits and attracting over 350,000 visitors. Among them, Tysim participated in the exhibition together with APIE. At the exhibition, Tysim presented popular models such as the KR60A rotary drilling rig for Urban Construction and the KMS800 Multi-functional Mini Piling Photovoltaic Drilling Rig to more than ten thousand attending buyers. Multiple equipment models received favor and confirmed cooperation intentions from the attending buyers.

The Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition has been held biennially since its inaugural event in 2019, and this year marks its third edition. The opening ceremony of this exhibition was attended by delegations from 33 countries, international organizations, chambers of commerce, and international business agencies. More than 2,000 international buyers, including construction contractors, builders, and equipment rental companies, from 60 countries participated in the exhibition.

The theme of the 2023 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition is focused on high-end, intelligent, and green development, showcasing the charm of the new generation of engineering machinery and seizing opportunities brought by industry transformation. As a leading brand of small and medium-sized rotary drilling rig in China, Tysim has been deeply involved in the industry for over a decade, consistently focusing on the research and design of small and medium-sized piling machinery. The company's development direction aligns closely with the theme of the exhibition, emphasizing high-end, intelligent, and environmentally friendly approaches. Tysim is committed to continuously improving its products and enhancing their quality, presenting more high-end, intelligent, and green technology-oriented piling equipment.

Currently, Tysim possesses the most comprehensive range of small rotary drilling rig both domestically and internationally, and has obtained more than 60 patents. Its products are exported to over 50 countries, with particular popularity in small rotary drilling rigs, low headroom drilling rigs, Caterpillar chassis drilling rigs, and customized drilling rigs. As a result, Tysim enjoys an excellent reputation in the international piling equipment market, and dozens of foreign buyers visited the Tysim booth to inquire and learn about their equipment offerings.

Many visitors came to the booth of TYSIM

The showcased Tysim KR60A Urban Construction Mini rotary drilling rig and KMS800 Multi-functional Photovoltaic Drilling Rig are popular models with high sales and a good reputation. The KR60A is a fully hydraulic with flexible movements and low fuel consumption. It is equipped with a high-performance hydraulic system and control system jointly developed by Tysim and the Tianjin University Institute of CNC and Hydraulic Technology, enabling efficient construction and real-time monitoring of the drilling rig. This series of products have obtained the national standard GB certification and European CE certification, featuring excellent dynamic and static stability design to ensure construction safety. It has become a popular choice among the attending buyers at the exhibition. In addition to the KR60A, Tysim has several other popular models that are highly sought after at the exhibition. Tysim booth attracts a large number of visitors, and after observing and consulting, buyers and customers from various countries expressed their intention for cooperation.

In this exhibition, Tysim comprehensively showcased its pioneering innovation achievements in recent years, which has won many orders and gained numerous partnership intentions. It also allowed more domestic and foreign renowned enterprises to witness the charms of Tysim's popular models and demonstrate the strength of "Intelligent Manufacturing in China"!

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