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Significant Events in 2023


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Significant Events in 2023

(Summary description)Significant Events in 2023

Significant Events in 2023

(Summary description)Significant Events in 2023

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  • Time of issue:2024-01-06 13:52
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  • Overall operation

1.APIE independently operated and settled in the cross-border E-Commerce Industrial Park.

2.The overall operational system of Tysim Group is gradually being optimized.

3.Tysim and the after-sales service department of Tyhen were merged as a whole.

4.The Caterpillar team conducted a multi-level visit of Tysim.

5.The establishment of LianDaHuiChuang (R&D center of kelly bars and drilling tools).

6.The operator training standards for piling machinery was chiefly edited by Tysim had been approved.

7.The new 3D research and development systemCREO)was online.

8.Leasing service Internet of Things (IOT) system of KAIQISHIDAI was online.

9.In 2024, the Advanced Forum of Deep Foundation will be held in Wuxi

10.Tysim 10th Anniversary and Global Partners celebration were concluded successfully.

11.Lei Shing Hong and Tysim signed a strategic agreement under the witness of Caterpillar leadership.

12.The Deputy Chief of Huishan District visited the construction site of Tysim in Uzbekistan.

13.Tysim was recognized by the Provincial Science and Technology Department as a cultivated enterprise for listing.


·Power construction projects

1.Tysim was the only exhibitor at the mechanization promotion conference held by State Grid.

2.Jinlin Province Power Transmission and Substation Project Co., Ltd. exported Tysim power construction drilling rigs in bulk and provided service to Uruguay.

3.Tysim was invited to attend the annual conference of the China Power Construction Association.

4.Tysim was invited to attend the Annual Meeting of Transmission and Substation Construction Experts by the China Power Construction Association.

5.The tower crane of Power Construction underwent on-site acceptance and upgraded for improvement.

6.Multiple power construction projects were being developed simultaneously.


·Sales and Marketing System

1.Promotion event of small rotary drilling rigs in Kunming (Upgraded)2.Establishment of three regional marketing and service centers (Henan, Hebei, Dali).

3.Upgrade of the streaming media matrix (20K followers).

4.The 12th Deep Foundation Forum Industry Conference in Kunming.

5.The Geotechnical Engineering Annual Conference in Hangzhou.

6.The upgrade of Sales and Marketing management system


·International Business

1.The opening ceremony of APIE Middle Asia.

2.Exported the complete product line to Turkish market.

3.Cooperated with Israeli partner and delivered drilling rigs in bulk.

4.Cooperated with Mexican partners and delivered drilling rigs in bulk.

5.Participated in CTT-EXPO CTT RUSSIA.

6.Participated in Conexpo-Con/Agg Los Vegas and made a market research.

7.Tysim jointly exhibited with APIE in Uzbekistan.

8.APIE participated in exhibition in Iran

9.Market researches in African countries.

10.Market researches in Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

11.Opening ceremony of Tysim Sales and Marketing center in Thailand.

12.Opening ceremony of Tysim Sales and Marketing center in Dubai.

13.Global partners participated in Tysim 10th Anniversary ceremony.

14.A group of Turkish customers visited Tysim.

15.The first training to global partner is completed.

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