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New Mission, Heading for a New Journey┃TYSIM Releases Its New Corporate Mission for 2024


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New Mission, Heading for a New Journey┃TYSIM Releases Its New Corporate Mission for 2024

(Summary description)New Mission, Heading for a New Journey┃TYSIM Releases Its New Corporate Mission for 2024

New Mission, Heading for a New Journey┃TYSIM Releases Its New Corporate Mission for 2024

(Summary description)New Mission, Heading for a New Journey┃TYSIM Releases Its New Corporate Mission for 2024

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  • Time of issue:2024-01-15 10:45
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Hello everyone, I'm Xin Peng from Tysim, at the occasion of the arrival of the year 2024, I extend my warmest greetings to all of you: Happy New Year!

In the past year of 2023, it has been a year filled with uncertainty and challenges, changes, and opportunities for all our partners and customers in the industry. As we enter the year 2024, I am honored to stand here and share friends and partners with a year-end summary.

Looking back at 2023, for Tysim it was a year full of risks and challenges, but also a year filled with passion, enthusiasm, and vitality. Each team in Tysim, including sales and marketing, service, R&D, and manufacturing, has achieved remarkable results.

In this year, Tysim launched a new mission for sales and marketing: '
Creating more values for piling partners by providing all-round services '.
Guided by this new mission, our marketing staff successfully transitioned from a sales person to service engineer.
With a long-term mindset, we approached customers closely, prioritized their needs, and created value that exceeded expectations. As a result, our customers placed even greater trust in Tysim.

The year of 2023 marks the fourth year of customized service in mechanized construction for State Grid China. Under the guidance of experts and leaders from State Grid, after four years of customized R&D and upgrades, Tysim Power Construction Drilling Rigs, also called the "Five Brothers" have gained recognition from the State Grid. These drilling rigs have shone brightly in the field of electric power construction in our country, significantly contributing to the mechanization and safe construction of projects. A series of technological achievements were honored with the State Grid's First Prize for Technological Progress. We have also received support and promotion from various provincial power companies under State Grid.

Tysim has consistently approached our product research and development with a global perspective. In the past year, with the assistance of Caterpillar's R&D engineers, Tysim R&D team has successively completed the development of five Euro V emission products: KR60, KR90, KR125, KR150, and KR240. These products have entered markets such as the United States, Turkey, Israel, Greece and other countries.

In the global market, Tysim participated in numerous international exhibitions in the United States, Russia, Iran, Thailand, Uzbekistan, and others. The marketing team visited customers in dozens of countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia, North America, and more. Regardless of the customer's location, our commitment is to provide professional, promptly and considerate service, aiming to create value for our customers. Tysim is dedicated to fulfilling its promises through its actions.

In 2023, it is also the tenth anniversary of the establishment of Tysim. Sincere gratitude goes to every partner who has supported Tysim's growth over the past decade. Partners include friends in the industry, clients, suppliers, banks, leaders from governments, and our dear colleagues in Tysim. Over the past ten years, we have developed five series of rotary drilling rigs (A/C/D/E/M), totaling 35 models. We have participated in Shanghai BMW Shows for 5 times, Bauma Munich exhibitions for 3 times, and dozens of construction machinery exhibitions worldwide. Tysim products have been sold to more than 50 countries, gradually establishing the Tysim brand and gaining recognition from peers and clients both domestically and internationally. In 2023, we successfully established professional leasing company-Tyhen, service company-Tycheng, and APIE, aiming to better serve our partners.During Tysim's 10th anniversary celebration, partners from around the world traveled far and wide to join Tysim, renew friendships, and discuss future development plans. The support and trust from our partners have given the Tysim team confidence. I am determined to make Tysim an enterprise that is "valuable, contributive, needed, and recognized" within the industry.

Standing at the starting point of 2024, looking back of the past, the market has been fiercely competitive, full of challenges, and the industry has undergone rapid changes.
Despite the challenges and trials, there are opportunities for continued growth and the chance to enhance our capabilities and qualities

Standing at the starting point of 2024, looking ahead to the future, we have established a new mission for the next decade: “Creating greater value for piling partners through all-round services”. Driven by this new mission and starting from a higher platform, we will continuously enhance product quality and service standards, upgrade the team's professional capabilities, embark on the journey with more professional partners, and practice our new mission, providing impetus for the sustainable development of Tysim.

"Creating value together, sharing value, and growing together with partners." is the development philosophy of Tysim. Looking ahead, challenges persist, but so does the promise of progress. We will continue to move forward, let' s keep it up together!




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