KR60C Hydraulic Piling Rig with CAT Chassis


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KR60C Hydraulic Piling Rig with CAT Chassis

Product model: KR165C
Drilling depth: 58m
Machine weight: 49t
Product Description


●The leading overall transport hydraulic rotary drilling rig can change transport state into working state rapidly;

●High-performance hydraulic system and control system in cooperation with Tianjin University CNC

Hydraulic institute of Technology, which can realize the machine’s efficiently and real-time monitor;

●High security, designed in strict accordance with European Union safety standards EN791, Meet the requirements

of dynamic and static stability.

■Advanced design of rotary angle displacement output mechanism and central rotary joint output

angular displacement can get higher reliability;

■Innovative drilling bucket depth measurement system can show higher accuracy than the average rig;

■The function of main winch bottoming protection and priority controlling can make the operation easier;

■The reversible use of the driving head’s chain can extend the service life;

■Multi-stage damping technology of the driving head can ensure the whole construction more stable;

■The technology of mast automatic verticality can make the vertical accuracy of the hole higher;

■The innovative design of luminous hot wheel can ensure construction in night more safety;

■The humanized design of chassis back can increase storage space efficiently;

■New design of two- stage operating interface can make it more convenient to operate.


Technical specification
Torque 60 kN.m
Max. diameter 1000 mm
Max. drilling depth 22 m(4 node)/16 m(3 node)
Speed of rotation 8~30 rpm
Max. crowd pressure 90 kN
Max. crowd pull 100 kN
Main winch line pull  80 kN
Main winch line speed 70 m/min
Auxiliary winch line pull 30 kN
Auxiliary winch line speed 40 m/min
Stroke(crowd system) 3000 mm
Mast inclination(lateral) ±3°
Mast inclination(forward)
Max. operating pressure 35 MPa
Pilot pressure 4.1 MPa
Travel speed 3 km/h
Traction force  114 kN
Operating height 11200 mm
Operating width 2490 mm
Transport height 3300 mm
Transport width 2490 mm
Transport length 9970 mm
Overall weight 22t
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