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Model: KR50-KR150 Rotary Drilling Rig
Whole machine weight: 42t
Pile diameter: 1300mm
Product Description

Company profile:

Jiangsu Taixin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic enterprise that focuses on the complete machine and manufacturing of small and medium piling machinery, and has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. Products include integral transport rotary drilling rigs, modular rotary drilling rigs, full hydraulic pile cutters, mechanical continuous wall grabs and other types of piling machinery products. KR series small rotary drilling rigs and KP series full hydraulic pile cutters have been widely used in China.

Taixin Machinery’s elaborate KR series of small rotary drilling rigs have won more than 40 items. The products have passed the EU CE certification. They are suitable for industrial and civil construction and urbanization projects. They are used in subway, elevated, residential and other fields. The advantages of high construction efficiency and reliable performance are well received by domestic and foreign customers. It has been exported to Australia, Russia, Thailand, Argentina, Zambia and other countries in batches. It will become the preferred product for my country's "new urbanization" pile foundation construction.

The company is now carrying out the leasing business. The equipment is leased for the company's own equipment at a preferential price. The company's strong production capacity is used as a guarantee, and the accessories are sufficient.


The company’s existing leased equipment:

There are 2 KR50A rotary drilling rigs, 3 KR80A rotary drilling rigs, and 5 KR125A rotary drilling rigs. 5 KR150A rotary drilling rigs.


Equipment construction parameters:

The KR50A rotary drilling rig has a drilling depth of 16 meters, a large drilling diameter of 1200mm, and a total weight of 18 tons.

The KR80A rotary drilling rig has a drilling depth of 28 meters, a large drilling diameter of 1000 mm, and a weight of 24 tons.

The KR125A rotary drilling rig has a drilling depth of 37 meters, a large drilling diameter of 1300 mm, and a weight of 35 tons.

The drilling depth of the KR150A rotary drilling rig is 42 meters, the large drilling diameter is 1300mm, and the weight of the whole machine is 40 tons.


Guarantee conditions:

All the equipment of our company can be transported as a whole with poles, which saves freight for customers.

All the equipment is produced by the company, and the company has a strong after-sales guarantee capability to ensure the normal construction of customers.

All equipment is equipped with 1-2 skilled operators. The operators have been trained by the company and have a certificate to work. They have rich construction experience and have a working life of about 3-5 years. The high-level operators have worked for more than 10 years.

The company has professional construction method engineers to provide professional construction method support to ensure construction efficiency.



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